status : active

Dana Dal Bo works across a wide range of disciplines, from meticulous miniature handiwork to film and installation. She uses detail as a means of seducing the viewer into her intriguing, dark and sensual worlds. In 2006 she received the Prix du Centre des arts et des fibres du Quebec.

She is also garnering media attention with Misssoka, the emerging Montreal eco-chic label she heads with BFF MaryAnne Petrella. Her most recent body of work is ANADAMA, The Twelve Positions of the Family. This long term collaborative project with AN Soubiran examines the nature of identity and intimacy in relationships.

The I.E.L. team looks to Dal Bo as the resident weaver and designer. Always eager to experiment with new technology in these fields, her enthusiasm just might be contagious. When no one else is around she also feeds the crabs.